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Every year, I hold a gift exchange with people I know from various places. If anyone from here would like to participate, the information is included below :D

1) This year, ANYBODY can play. You don't even have to know me. In other words, people who feel like it can post information about this on their journals. I don't care who you are, as long as you follow the rules.
2) Each person is to email me the following information at :
*Mailing address and whether or not you do not want your mailing adress shared with your partner. If this is your wish, your partner will be given my address and I will forward/deliver it to you. However, this makes a lot more work for me. Last year people asked that their packages be routed through people other than me. No, I will not do that.
*5 things you like a lot (these are supposed to give people ideas about what to get for you, although people are not required to get something related to what you put.)
A sample "good" list: I collect My Little Ponies, keychains and stationary. My favourite color is pink and I like to cook.
A sample "bad" list: I like music, cars, winter, being online and my friends (these really don't give you any ideas, now do they?)
3) On December 14th (next monday) I will email each person who signed up a partner.
4) You are to buy something UNDER FIVE DOLLARS or make something for this person. No one is going to get a new partner, so no asking. By entering, you run the risk of getting someone that you don't know (although I think that's more fun).
5) Gifts are to be in the mail by the 21st (one week later) NOTE- this means they are NOT going to get there for christmas. Big deal. I like presents anytime :D
6) You have to follow all the rules. Period. If you don't, you won't be allowed in next year's exchange.
7) Absolutly no sending express or overnight or whatever to try and get there for x-mas. Like I said, that's not the point.
8) Don't get something that you know that no one would like.
9) I think this goes without saying, but Ace might be signing up so I better say it. NOTHING ILLEGAL. PERIOD.
10) Nothing that is illegal to mail, either.
11) Gifts must include a small note from you, saying who you are and some online contact information. This could be a nice way for people to make a new friend.
12) As soon as you get your gift and open it, email me letting me know who it was from and if all the rules were followed.
Because the more the merrier, I encourage you to copy this to your own journal and into other places where people may be intrested, or spread the news by word of mouth. However, people need to know all the rules.
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