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OVH Spring Musical

Mr. Creighton asked me (because I'm his favourite :D) to help spread the word on this because A) tons of people have been out sick recently B) a lot of people have been crowding the bullitin board outside the Music Office so not everyone has gotten a chance to see all the announcments and C) I'm the mod of the OVH community on lj, and I told him that once so he's like "POST THIS, BIZIATCH".

As everyone who's been paying the slightest bit of attention to anything (like, the announcments and the pipeline et cetera) should know, OVH is doing "Little Shop Of Horrors" for the Spring Show. Its really love it or hate it, so a lot of people are estatic and some people are so pissed they are talking about organizing their own show. Non-extra part auditions were held last Monday, with call backs on that Wednesday. So if you wanted to be in the show, it would appear that you've missed your chance.

-Not so fast-

The actual cast of Little Shop is small, even with extra parts Mr. Creight threw in. Plus, because its Mr. C's show, unlike Ms. F's, there's only one cast and no understudies. However, there are a lot of other ways to be envolved in the show that people are still needed for.

1) Extras. 10 people are needed to basically fill space on stage at diffrent parts of the show. They basically make up "crowds" at diffrent times. You don't get to say anything (although you get to make some noise, I think), but it has its perks. You still get a costume, get to attend all the cast-only events (read-the cast party and the costume parade) and you get your name in the program. Plus, unlike most roles, you only have to come to a few rehersals.

2) "Orchastra". Its in quotes, because you really can't call it that. The following is needed:
-A few people on percussion (traditional and non traditional)
-2 or 3 electric guitars
-1 or 2 on electric bass
-1 on standing bass
-1 on keyboard
If you play and think you're awesome enough for us, talk to me or Mr. Creighton (we're talking about Jamie, not Eric, by the way. I think that would be obvious, but you never know.)

3) Still need more people for "black out crew" (stage and tech). Right now, only Freshmen and Dante Katski (so no one responsable) are signed up. I KNOW that there are seniors who have been doing this for years, and while a few of them have switched into the show (like me), there are still people who are either just being lazy or didn't know you could just sign up. To the music office with you!

4) We need 7 people who can sit still and be quiet for a while to do Puppet Crew (Audrey II Crew). One main opperator and the other 6 do the pods. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you'll see. So if moving around giant anthropomorphic plants is your bag, this is the job for you. Main operator has to go to as many rehersals as a lead, the other 6 don't have to go to many at all. Talk to the Creight-man or me.

After a lot of fighting between the music teachers who do the casting, this years teacher/alumni cameo has been given out. The part of Arther Denton ("I think I need a long, slow root canal") is to be played by Class of 2001 (I think) alumni George Smith. (Yeah, we know he's had a recent lifestyle change. Its still funny.) Originally there was a faction pushing to give this part to Mme Masco, but the teachers decided that was innapropriate. Because, you know, teachers don't have sex lives. Don't ask how they have children, but they don't have sex lives. Especially not perverted ones. Just like they don't get divorced and start dating other teachers. (BWAHAHAHA! THE I HATE MRS. NINVA CLUB NEEDS A NEW NAME!)

To top off the post, under the cut is the cast list, in case anyone hasn't checked it out yet.


A Voice Not Unlike God (Announcer): George Demission (Underclass)
Mushnik: Eric Lanse (12th)
Orin Scrivello, DDS: Maddison Erving
The Voice of Audrey II: Steven Byra
Do-woppers: Peter Goldstien
Brett Hate
Artum Jeleynko
Chorus: Shawn Yi (Underclass)
Gregg Adams (Underclass)
Peter Hayward (Underclass)
David Trotskey (Underclass)
Lucian Martin (Underclass)


Seymor: Killian O'Brian
NBC Agent: Hannibal Wycliff
Lectering Tour Agent: Ace Winslow
Do-woppers: Teddy Finch
Macauly Jenkins (Underclass)
Alex Water
Chorus: Rudy Nowak
Jeremy MacArther (Underclass)
Tyson Basil (Underclass)
Trent Cupp (Underclass)
Brian Vlee (Underclass)


Crystal: Sadie Lewis (Underclass)
Skid Row Opening Soloist: Grethal Felix (Yes, that's me :D)
Typists: Claudia Markski
Emily Arther
Molly Smith (Underclass)
Pods: Cathryn McAllistar (Underclass)
Anna Meir
Ani Komoto (Underclass)
Chorus: Amanda Recker (Underclass)
Amanda Thomas (Underclass)
Cindy Frott (Underclass)
Opal Pascale (Underclass)
Margalo Van Dyke (Underclass)


Audrey: Martha Tutalo
Ronette: Danielle Germaine
Chiffon: Jessica Pautuck (Underclass)
Pods: Colleen O'Brian
Eliza May
Ashley Eden (Underclass)
Typists: Whitney Lewis
Caroline Quentins
Kitty Smythe (Underclass)
Chorus: Bethany Ryder
Claire Regan (Underclass)
Stacie Barton (Underclass)
Sarah Goode (Underclass)
Raven Darkhelm (Underclass)

Male Speaking-Only:

Patrick Martin (Salesman): Sam Lodderdale (Underclass)
Wink Wilkinson (DJ): James Frazer (Underclass)
Arther Denton (Masochist): Cameo- George Smith (Alumni)
First Customer: Trevor Manley (Underclass)
Customer: Nathan Howe (Underclass)
Old Chinese Man: Yoichi Komoto
Patients: Brad Ingles (Underclass)
Lawrence Gideon (Underclass)
Reporter: Aric Barclay (Underclass)

Female Speaking-Only

Nurse: Anne Constantine (Underclass)
Customers: Georgeanne Nora (Underclass)
Tabitha Smythe (Underclass)
Patient: Louise Redmont (Underclass)
Reporters: Margey Willis (Underclass)
Zacka Fylin (Underclass)

Please note: All people who are not otherwise noted are seniors.
Please also note: Pods, Typists, Do-woppers and non speaking parts participate in the chorus in some scenes, and are in crowds in others.
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