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1) Vivian Mishka, who used to teach Russian before Jeleynko (why did she get fired? oh, she kissed one of her students...)
2) Myself (Liam Sean McAllistar), David Tycon, Edrianna Hayward
3) I was an original Ninva kid. Room 42 hr.

This community is a good idea, Grethal. Its nice to see that the kids that go to OVH now don't suck :D

DUJ show on Saturday at the burg. 5 dollars, all ages, along with Broken Ruler and Lack There Of. Come see how hot I am. There's an after party chez Ace Winslow. All are welcome. Be forwarned though, its at ACE WINSLOW'S house. sXe's might not feel too comfortable with that...

That's all for now
Liam Sean
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