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Ocean View

Ocean View High School
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for Ocean View High School. It will have updates on events, parties in the area, school issues, and just a forum for kids that all know each other to chat it up :D
In order to apply to the community, all you really have to do is prove that you're an OVH kid. To do this, refrence
1) An OVH Professor, past or present
2) Three non 2004 alumni (kids that graduated before 04)
3) Your homeroom
If you are an alumni, refrence one of your homerooms at the school.
If you are a close friend of OVH and visit the school et cetera (ex Leslie or AEK) make some other random OVH reference instead of homeroom
If you're a friend of a friend, we'll vote on you. Put down as much as you know about OVH kids, and convince your friends there to comment and vouch for you. If you're really in the dark you'll get rejected and if you seem to be envolved you'll be accepted.
As you know, we're pretty accepting kids, so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Being an ass in the community WILL however get you kicked out.
Got it? Good.
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